About Bricks

Augustus 2015, while reading the newspaper, I realize that the world seems to be on fire. Looking at my social media, it doesn’t seem to be very positive either. Further browsing I see a picture of a Lego® minifigure that is traveling around the world. A smile appears on my face. For a moment, very briefly, I’m smiling again. The day after I made the first photo for Bricks of Arnhem. Combined with an appeal to everyone to make at least one holiday picture with a Lego® minifigure in the coming year. It will make the world happier.

From that moment on, Bricks of Arnhem is a fact. The Lego® photographer, always in khaki pants, white shirt and trendy gray beanie, decides to show you the most beautiful places in Arnhem, a Dutch city. By looking at the city from its perspective, a completely new view of Arnhem arises. With only one goal, to give you a smile.

Bricks of Arnhem is a mix of my fascination for Lego®, the city of Arnhem and photography. Photography is a way to visualize beautiful places that are located in the city and sometimes still hidden. I often come across these places when I am on the road in the city. The city is always fascinating. We move through the city, to places, at different times of the day. When it’s raining in the streets, when the sun lights the parks or when the wind takes you over one of the bridges. It is what we see and experience around us. Due to the hectic of the day, we often miss the beauty of the city and the moment.

Bricks of Arnhem wants to show you the beauty of the Dutch city of Arnhem and therefore presents the city in its own way to you. Take a look at the city from the perspective of Bricky, the Lego® photographer.